Call for Volunteers

We’re closing in on the 6th Annual Art Sled Rally at Powderhorn Park (January 26, 2 – 5). As usual, we need volunteers. We have quite a few options and if you’re interested, please contact us. Read More

Pac Man Sleds

Video from the 3rd Annual Art Sled Rally of an entrance by the Pac Man Team… the balloons represent the dots that Pac Man has to eat to score points… a really great entry in this years sled rally!

Safety Check

Ryan Billig tests the safety of the hill at the 2009 Art Sled Rally at Powderhorn Park in South Minneapolis.

Team Premium

A six pack of Art-Sledders take to the slopes at the second annual Art Sled Rally in Powderhorn Park, dressed as a six-pack of Grain Belt Premium.

Message from Mark Safford

The Art Sled Rally continues to feed a place inside me that longs for transcendent visual spectacle and collective human experience of joy. I am fortunate to be in this city and at this time with these people.

It also gives me great hope that such events are happening all over the world, as it is this medicine that celebrates our deeply personal capacity for actualization of dream, courage in the decent, and being, regardless of success or failure.

I am appreciative of all the energies, commitment and care that go into making such an event. I hope that all who enjoyed themselves at the event will help to support it in some way. I found that a hot egg sandwich before, enhanced the event.

Thank you Nick, thank you Shelley, thank you Julian, thank you Brent, thank you Leigh, thank you Xena, and Ethan, thank you Chris, thank you Peter, thank you John, and Micheal, and Sue, and Dave, and Krista, and Ryan, and Loren and Lisa, all the sponsors large and small you have brought good medicine to this winter.

-Mark Safford