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The Fifth Annual Powderhorn Art Sled Rally!

Please join South Sixteenth High Jinks for the 5th Annual Art Sled Rally, Today, in beautiful Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis at 2pm.

The Rally will be held on the western slopes of the park, close to 33rd Street and 10th Avenue South

Dress warm, consider bringing a helmet and prepare for a fast ride!

Registration Information

To secure a slot in the line up, just show up at the sledding hill by 1:30pm with your sled-contraption. A volunteer facilitator wearing a stupid hat will help you find a place in line and take the name of your project for the moderators on the slope to announce when it is your turn to show off.

You will need to sign a waiver

saying that you take complete responsibility for your silly actions that day. You may sign a waiver at the Rally, but it is much easier for us if you download a copy of the waiver linked below, sign it and bring it with you to hand in.

Parents of minors must also sign & bring a copy of the Parental Consent Form linked below, or sign one at the Rally site.

Everyone riding in your sled must sign a separate waiver.

The earlier you come the earlier you will slide.

  • Anything you bring with you must be brought back out with you when you leave. Yes, this is true even if the sled you brought in breaks into 30 pieces. We have contractors bags available at the top of the hill.
  • Dress warm, we are running parallel sled runs this year, but it may take an hour for everyone to slide.
  • Kids under 7 must wear helmets.
  • You may choose to slide with your project solo or in tandem (think racing possibilities) with a sled on a parallel track separated by a berm. The hill is about 170 long with the first three quarters easy and the last drop a steep 30 degrees into the soccer fields.

The Rally will happen at 2pm, as planned. Dress warm, plan for a fast ride on the slopes, consider wearing a helmet!

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