jumping-on-sledTNRight now we are seeking your business or organization to sponsor the event.

A sponsorship of $300 would gain:
  • An original Slope-Side Ad!  An art-sled painted for your business, with live spoken copy from local celebrities at the microphone during the rally when your sled rides.  You can write the copy, or we will write it for you and include thanks for your sponsorship.
  • Your web ad, link and identification as a sponsor on our site

We are preparing for 150 workshops participants, and an audience in the range of 600-1,200 on the day of the Rally. Over 10,000 residents were reached last year through print, web and radio.

The Art Sled Rally is an event organized by residents of the neighborhood in collaboration with Powderhorn Park and the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association.

We are looking to create a new annual tradition, and we would love to have the support of your business in this local event.