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Art Sled Rally Documentary

A documentary about the 2011 Art Sled Rally in Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis, by Fintan Lethert. Music by the Brass Messengers, with vocals by JB McLain.

The Aquarium Sled at the Art Sled Rally 2012

Art Sled Rally 2012: Shark, crab, minnow, jellyfish, octopus, mermaid and friends take to the slopes inside their aquarium. from grambofof.

Pac Man Sleds

Video from the 3rd Annual Art Sled Rally of an entrance by the Pac Man Team… the balloons represent the dots that Pac Man has to eat to score points… a really great entry in this years sled rally!

X-Wing Fighter 2008

The X-Wing Fighter soars into Art-Sled Rally History at the first annual Rally in 2008.

ChuckTVideo at ASR 2009

Footage from the second annual Art Sled Rally from ChuckTVideo.

Safety Check

Ryan Billig tests the safety of the hill at the 2009 Art Sled Rally at Powderhorn Park in South Minneapolis.

Icosahedron Sled

The twenty-sided Icosahedron Sled tumbles down the slopes at Powderhorn Park in the 2009 Art Sled rally.

Team Premium

A six pack of Art-Sledders take to the slopes at the second annual Art Sled Rally in Powderhorn Park, dressed as a six-pack of Grain Belt Premium.

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