Call for Volunteers

We’re closing in on the 6th Annual Art Sled Rally at Powderhorn Park (January 26, 2 – 5). As usual, we need volunteers. We have quite a few options and if you’re interested, please contact us.

We have:

  • 11ish – setting up the hay bales, flags, flag poles, tables, etc
  • 1:30 – meeting on the hill to figure out what to do next!

You can:

  • Collect signed waivers just before a sled goes down the hill
  • Help keep folks in line and moving while they’re waiting to go down the hill,
    Give them blank waivers if they haven’t signed one yet
  • Sled pushers
  • Ushers along the sledding hill to help keep folks off the hay bales and to help with the sleds while they’re going down the hill if needed
  • Sled wranglers – help folks move their sleds (or the debris) off the bottom so the next sled can come down
  • Donations – yep, solicit donations before, during and after the event.
  • T shirt sales – if I get some t shirts made
  • Clean up